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FuseDesk is your support ticketing solution for Infusionsoft, packs more powerful features than any option on the market, and is the only solution built 100% around your Infusionsoft application.

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Action Sets and Automation in Infusionsoft for your Support Tickets with FuseDesk

One-Click Access to Automation and Action Sets

Leverage the full power of Infusionsoft by running automation and action sets on a contact right from FuseDesk. Need to cancel a subscription, untag someone as a current customer, tag someone as a past customer, remove their site access, and add them to a reactivation campaign? Easy! One Click runs an action set AND saves the results of the action set to their case history.

Access All Your Existing Infusionsoft Email Templates

Access All Your Existing Templates

Access all of your existing Infusionsoft templates right inside of FuseDesk and create new custom reply templates to handle your most frequently asked questions. Using the powerful mergefields and automation links built into Infusionsoft, you can personalize your emails, include custom fields such as a customer's username and password to access a membership site, embed automation links so you can track who clicks on the links you include and more.

Infusionsoft Login Sync for Easy Ticketing System Logins

Single Login with FuseDesk LoginSync Technology

Why require your support team to remember multiple usernames and passwords to multiple systems? With FuseDesk's LoginSync Technology, your team uses the exact same username and password they currently have setup with Infusionsoft. When their password changes in Infusionsoft, it's instantly changed for FuseDesk. When you lock out a rep in Infusionsoft, they're locked out of FuseDesk, and when you add a new rep in Infusionsoft, they can instantly access FuseDesk!

Add Emails, Calls, Notes and Actions Sets to Support Tickets

Add Emails, Calls, Notes and Action Sets to Any Case

While viewing a customers' case, you can easily reply by email, log a phone call, add an internal note, or run an action set. Everything you add to a case not only shows up in the case history, but also attaches to the contact's record inside of Infusionsoft. Never again have to bury all of your correspondence in a smattering of notes inside of Infusionsoft. Case Histories keep all case activity easily and clearly organized in FuseDesk.

View Full Case History on Your Support Tickets

View Full Case History in One View

No more jumping up and back on a contact's profile trying to find emails, notes, and unlinked information in all different parts of an Infusionsoft contact record. With quick contact search right in FuseDesk, you can easily see all of a contact's cases, and on each case, you'll see all related emails, calls, internal notes, case transfers, automation, and action set results. With all the right information at your fingertips, FuseDesk is leaps and bounds beyond just email.

Easily Transfer or Escalate Cases with Infusionsoft

Easily Transfer or Escalate Cases Without "Forwarding" an Email.

FuseDesk isn't email; FuseDesk is powerful case management, meaning no more "forwarding" an email to someone on the team, hoping they'll take care of the case, and hoping that it doesn't "fall through the cracks." With one click, you can re-assign a case to a team member, move a case between departments, or escalate a case to a manager or team lead for additional help.

Support Desk Case Emails and Notes go right into Infusionsoft

Goodbye to Time-Wasting Endless Copying and Pasting

With third-party support systems, if you are tracking the cases in Infusionsoft, too, this typically involves your support team opening a case, copying the email address to their clipboard, going to Infusionsoft, searching for the contact, looking up the history, copying the original email, pasting it into Infusionsoft, copying a template, pasting it into the support desk, copying mergefields, pasting them into the case reply, copying the reply, pasting it into Infusionsoft, and so much more. FuseDesk's full integration means goodbye to time-wasting copying and pasting!

Automatically link cases to contacts in Infusionsoft

Access Key Customer Information Automatically

When viewing a case in FuseDesk, we automatically link up the incoming email to the best contact possible in Infusionsoft, giving you same page access to key customer contact information, other cases opened by the same contact, and other cases opened by the contact's linked company. With one click access to the contact record in Infusionsoft or their linked company record (if applicable), you'll have all the information at your finger tips to best handle your customer's inquiries with ease and speed.

Powerful Reporting on your Support Desk

Powerful Reporting to Provide Measurable Insights

At a glance, you'll know who on the support team is taking care of cases - and who's letting them fall through the cracks. With one click access to team-wide sent emails, you can assure that company messaging is on track, and that team replies are helping customers in the best way possible. Add to that our powerful reporting engine to view case volume, assignment times, response times, resolution times, and more, and couple that with our one-click data export, you have access to all of your key metrics both in and out of FuseDesk.

Multiple Departments to Handle your Support Cases with Infusionsoft

Multiple Departments to Better Handle Cases

Easily organize your cases between multiple departments. You can organize cases into logical departments like Sales, Support, Billing, Affiliates and more, OR maybe divide them up by product line like Product A, Product B, Brand C, Brand D, Membership, or whatever fits your business. Assign reps to your departments and set department specific templates so that, for example, emails from the Product A department come from a different email address and have alternate contact info. You could even provide a special department just for your VIP clients! The possibilities are endless!

Leverage powerful email rules and automation with Infusionsoft

Rules and Automation for Handling Inbound Emails

Automatically organize incoming email (that aren't part of an existing case). This way, emails for one of your brands or product lines can automatically be assigned to the right department, or email that include a certain keyword can be automatically routed to a particular person. Think of the possibilities of automatically responding to requests for lost passwords, running action sets, creating Infusionsoft opportunity records, applying tags, starting or stopping a follow up sequence, and so much more - all from just one email!

Data Backup in Infusionsoft with our Keep Your Data Guarantee

Rest Easy With Our "Keep Your Data" Guarantee

Ready to take your very own FuseDesk App for a test-drive? Rest easy knowing that all of the cases created in FuseDesk automatically save all emails, phone calls, notes and action sets inside of your Infusionsoft account. Your data is yours, and stays safe inside of your Infusionsoft application regardless of if you stick with us. Who needs an "Iron Cage" around their customers when a solution speaks for itself!

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