The Math of Customer Service: Where is Your Money Going?

As a business owner, you are constantly managing expenses.  But have you given much thought to your hidden expenses, the ones that don’t send you an invoice every month?  In order to truly maximize your potential, there are two key metrics you need to be aware of. A path paved with gold The first often […]

3 Ways to Create Evangelical Customers

Evangelical customers are the goal of every company.  Why?  Because they have built such a positive relationship with a company and fostered such love for it, that they proclaim its virtues to anyone who will listen.  Evangelical customers become your best and strongest sales force, and they do so without expectation of compensation.  So how […]

GKIC InfoSummit and PartnerCon 2014

November has been a busy month for FuseDesk as we spent the first half of the month traveling to two inspiring annual events. The GKIC InfoSummit, hosted in St. Louis, proved to be an invaluable event for information marketers from across the country.  Over the five day event, participants gathered to exchange new ideas and information, discuss […]