Beyond the Phone – Uncommon Approaches to Service

Most companies out there now provide access to customer service in four basic ways: on the telephone, by email, through a website, and via social media. But there are less common ways to deliver service and engage your customers that are worth exploring. Lights, camera, action! Many companies are melding social media with their FAQs […]

Don’t Drown in Metrics

The pressure to engage in data collection and analysis to produce metrics for your company can be overwhelming. The myriad points of data you may be encouraged to collect are even more overwhelming. But what metrics will actually help you gauge your company’s success as it relates to customer service and, ultimately, growth? For some […]

3 Simple Ways to Keep Your Representatives Happy

Working as a customer service representative can be a difficult job.  It can be repetitive and stressful to deal with endless customer questions, problems, and even anger, but there are ways to protect your customer service representatives from burnout. Training Providing your customer service representatives with a strong foundation of knowledge is one of the […]