3 Simple Ways to Keep Your Representatives Happy

Working as a customer service representative can be a difficult job.  It can be repetitive and stressful to deal with endless customer questions, problems, and even anger, but there are ways to protect your customer service representatives from burnout. Training Providing your customer service representatives with a strong foundation of knowledge is one of the […]

5 Characteristics of the Best Representatives

Hiring an outstanding customer service team is the first step to providing legendary customer service.  However, the hiring process is also one of the most challenging aspects of business.  Here are 5 characteristics to look for when meeting with your candidates. 1. Friendly It might go without saying, but a customer service representative should be […]

Apologies in the News – Anthem

“Customers don’t expect you to be perfect.  They do expect you to fix things when they go wrong.” – Donald Porter, V.P., British Airways   We’ve spoken frequently on the importance of taking ownership of missteps and apologizing properly to repair (and even strengthen) the relationships with customers; and it just so happens that a […]

Setting the Gold Standard

The Ritz-Carlton truly is one of the gold standards for the customer service industry.  But how have they become the very embodiment of world class customer service?  It’s actually quite simple: they understand their employees and their employees understand Ritz-Carlton’s vision and values. Hiring the best Providing outstanding service requires outstanding employees, and finding those […]