Are You Overlooking This Skill?

Is your customer service team struggling to consistently wow your customers? Even if you carefully hired people with lovely personalities and a strong desire to assist your customers and leave them happy, your team may still be encountering problems. Depending on the complexity of your product or the nature of your customer’s needs, the problem […]

When You Are the Customer

Do you approach customer service moments in your own life differently than you did prior to it being a part of your professional life? I realized that my initial feelings about having to call a company’s hotline have not changed, but my sensitivity to the quality of service is vastly heightened. Recently, I set about […]

Beyond the Phone – Uncommon Approaches to Service

Most companies out there now provide access to customer service in four basic ways: on the telephone, by email, through a website, and via social media. But there are less common ways to deliver service and engage your customers that are worth exploring. Lights, camera, action! Many companies are melding social media with their FAQs […]