Allow Us to Introduce Ourselves

As an organization, your company has its own unique personality, both with your employees and with your customers.  And one of  the best ways to ensure that your company’s personality is consistently shining through is by identifying who you are by putting your Core Values into words. Core Values are, simply put, a statement reflecting […]

Avoid These Top 3 Social Media Pitfalls

Whether or not you intend for your social media accounts to field customer service issues, your customers will contact you on these platforms to seek your assistance.  Avoid the quagmire that customer service via social media can become by avoiding these three complaints that 8 out of 10 Americans cited when surveyed by American Express: […]

Deck the Halls with JOY

As people across the world hurry from here to there in preparation for spending time with their own loved ones, it’s easy to focus on the stress of the holidays rather than the potential the holidays provide for bringing joy to those around us.  Here are a few heartwarming stories of ordinary people finding the […]