The Elite Customer Service of Southwest Airlines

At FuseDesk, our whole business is about customer service. We built FuseDesk to help business owners and customer service reps take great care of their customers. That’s why we like to showcase companies with great customer service: to serve as inspirations for us to emulate. Southwest Airlines is one of the best examples of a […]

The First Step to World-Class Customer Service!

“Although your customers won’t love you if you give bad service, your competitors will.” – Kate Zabriskie This quote sums up the importance of customer service quite well. World-class customer service will earn you new customers, help you keep your existing customers, and make them want to tell their friends about you! Bad customer service […]

6 Nuggets of Customer Service Wisdom from Forrester Research

Learning new ways to make your customer service better is our main goal at FuseDesk. We value continuing our education and attending seminars in the name of growth. For you! At our most recent seminar we attended, our goal was to find out more about the customer experience approach, and we learned some excellent stuff […]

I.C.E. Keytags: A Company With Purpose

Tom Force with I.C.E. Keytags is the “Best in Class” winner for ‪2014. Tom’s company is amazing in the first place, because his I.C.E. Keytags help inform loved ones and next of kin instantaneously when there’s a medical emergency. His inspiration came from a really powerful personal experience. In January 2010, Tom’s seventy-four-year-old mom was […]

Merging and Splitting Cases

If you’ve ever had two cases that you wanted to merge or a case that you wanted to split, now you can with our newly released Case Merging and Case Splitting! FuseDesk automatically keeps your conversations on thread so all of your email exchanges about a topic stay together, but sometimes a customer emails in […]