FuseDesk isn't the Only Option on the Market.

But... if you want 100% integration with Infusionsoft®, enthusiastic customers, happy staff and key reporting on how well you're doing... the choice is clear!

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FuseDesk Infusion Gmail ZenDesk
Customers can Email your Office to open a new case        
Customers can CALL your office to open a case        
Business Owner level key reporting and metrics        
100% Integration with your existing Infusionsoft Application        
View full case history viewable IN your Infusionsoft Application        
Add emails, notes and phone calls to any case        
Transfer cases between customer support reps and departments        
Escalate cases to managers when senior help is needed        
Email replies back to customers still look human        
Access to all of your existing and new Infusionsoft templates        
No more manual copying of data between multiple systems        
Access key customer contact information with each case        
One system, one login, with LoginSync technology        
Multiple departments to handle different kinds of cases        
View Full Case History on a case by case basis        
Track response times, case load, case volume and more        

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