Who are FuseDesk Customers?
FuseDesk customers are Infusionsoft® customers with Businesses Like Yours who value providing top-notch customer support.

FuseDesk Customers include Law Firms, Membership Based Organizations, Infopreneurs and Infomarketers, Consulting Firms, Authors, Service Based Businesses, Brick and Mortar Stores and Businesses Just Like Yours.

Some of Our Featured Customers Include...


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"We implemented FuseDesk inside of our organization and it syncs up perfectly with Infusionsoft enabling us to provide customer support at an entirely new level. You gotta checkout FuseDesk; I give it two thumbs up!"
- Chris Wise, Wise Funding

"We had terrible customer service; client questions went into black holes. We had unhappy clients and refunds. That all dramatically changed when we implemented FuseDesk! In fact, we constantly get rave reviews for customer service. ROI is equally important and FuseDesk allows us to handle over 5,000 customers with one support person."
- Michael Weiss, PraxisNow

"We absolutely love FuseDesk and client satisfaction is through the roof since we switched to using it from using our previous system. The reporting gets a lot of use internally and FuseDesk is working so well that we require all client communications go through it."
- Brett Warner, Pew Law Center

"FuseDesk is the back-bone of Customer Support. Utilizing FuseDesk, we reduced our return rate from 18.3% to 10.0%. On a $3.4m launch, that’s $282,200 in saved sales. If you are in this business and don't use it, you are inefficient, give poor customer service and are missing out on a sure winner!"
- Ed Diamond, Diamond Law Center

“We were looking for a seamless solution for our Sales Reps and Customer Service Associates to use. When we heard about FuseDesk we immediately implemented it. The results have been nothing but amazing. Not to mention it's very easy to use and to implement.”
- Darcy Juarez, Director Of Marketing, GKIC Insider's Circle

"With FuseDesk, we "appear" so much larger than we really are. I love the connectivity and the customer service is fabulous!"
- Lawrene Bottorf

"I cannot say enough great things about Fusedesk! The ability to fully integrate with Infusionsoft and allow every team member to access a complete case history of our customers is invaluable. We are not only able to streamline the process and decrease response time but we have actually decreased attrition rates and increased our upsell purchases... Thanks for everything!"
- Spencer Tyler, Optimal Wellness

"Holy Cow!!! We are so excited about the integration of the FuseDesk with our current Infusionsoft CRM! It has simplified how we do things in ways that I could not even fathom. I am NOT techy, so being able to utilize a high tech system in a low tech manner makes me beyond happy, not to mention efficient! I also love the fact that they sincerely want to know what would make it better and want MY feedback on such. They have already accepted 2 of my submissions as being valid and implementing them now. Its refreshing when a company asks for your input and actually wants it, not just another way to get your info. The high standard level in which they operate is a great fit within our company's core value of excellence and we are elated to be on board."
- Sherry, Kinder Reese Real Estate

"We have been using FuseDesk for over a year now and I really have no idea how we were able to take care of our customers before it! It keeps us organized and helps us close up all those cracks that can happen when you have a high volume customer service department. Even better, it syncs up with our database so when we look up a client, we have all of the correspondence in one place that is easily accessible. We love it!"
- Asheigh

"FuseDesk is a game-changer for us at GetCollegeFunding! It allows us to stay on top of ALL questions and issues sent to us... both from prospects as well as client families. The integration with InfusionSoft is fabulous and the CRM "record-keeping" is clean and precise. I can't imagine NOT having FuseDesk now that we've experienced it. And Jeremy's follow-up is world-class, nothing less than impeccable! Thank you Tyler Garns for giving FuseDesk two thumbs-up, which was all the encouragement we needed to check 'em out. The subsequent presentation, training and implementation has been nothing shy of stellar."
- Tom Botroff, GetCollegeFunding

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