You want what's best for your Customers, your Team and your Business. Fortunately, we built FuseDesk with this model in mind.

Your Customers
  • Easily open and reply to cases by email without needing a login to a support center or being forced to reply online
  • Cases are tracked so emails don't "fall through the cracks" and get lost
  • Cases are resolved quickly due to your team easily tracking case resolution times
  • Happily come back to buy more and refer you new business
Your Team
  • Easily login to FuseDesk with LoginSync using the same username and password as Infusionsoft®
  • Quickly access existing Infusionsoft templates and handle cases
  • Escalate, transfer and share cases without "forwarding" an email
  • Access full cases history in FuseDesk AND Infusionsoft eliminating costly double data-entry
Your Business
  • Easily track key customer support metrics to see how well you're doing and trending
  • Relax knowing that your customers are being taken care of with full transparency
  • Utilize at a glance color coding shows which reps and departments need help
  • Save money by keeping your paying customers happy

---- It's Time To Get FuseDesk You're ready for happier customers, happier staff, and a happier business owner! ----

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