Enter FuseDesk, the Help Desk and Ticketing System for Your Infusionsoft® Application.

Do you have more than one support staff handling your customer support emails and calls from Infusionsoft? You're Ready for FuseDesk.


Wish You Could View the Complete History of a Given Support Request From a Customer?
Wondering How Quickly You are Getting Back to Customers and How Quickly You're Able to Resolve Issues? ----


Template Sync with Infusionsoft TemplateSync Technology Access all of your Infusionsoft templates right in FuseDesk making replies to customers quick, dynamic and personalized.
LoginSycn FuseDesk LoginSync Your FuseDesk login is the same as your Infusionsoft login making multiple usernames and passwords a thing of the past.
Suppoer Case Transfer Case Transfers/Escalation No more forwarding emails with FuseDesk's easy case transfer and escalation assuring that each case is with the best rep.
Case History in Infusionsoft Full Case History View each individual case's threaded history of emails, calls and notes - in FuseDesk AND in Infusionsoft.
Customer Support Departments in Infusionsoft Multiple Departments Each case is assigned to a department with specific assigned staff, custom templates, tracking and more.
Infusionsoft Customer Support Ticketing Reports Key Reporting Measure how well you're taking care of your customers, how your team is doing, what needs attention and more!
---- And that's not all... FuseDesk has so much more to offer you when it comes to tracking your customer support. ---- WHAT OUR CUSTOMERS ARE SAYING

"FuseDesk is the back-bone of Customer Support. If you are in this business and don't use it, you are inefficient, give poor customer service and are missing out on a sure winner!"
- Ed Diamond, Diamond Law Center
"We were looking for a seamless solution for our Sales Reps and Customer Service Associates to use. When we heard about FuseDesk we immediately implemented it. The results have been nothing but amazing. Not to mention it's very easy to use and to implement!"
- Darcy Juarez, GKIC Insider's Circle
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